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're friends after 6:00. [laughter] that is the first i heard fact max some friends after six intel they talked about a relationship reagan recall and said it is after 6:00? can we change our watches if they wanted to deal with something. this is not a bromance they ramrods. he did not have a close relationship except for nancy which is obviously close but according to ron he said he would only say how far and he was of tip of roundhouse so i was impressed with that although tip was very tough really tough. i worked for him. a tough guy. so they had these old school rules that i would like to see resuscitated. remember when a new president got a honeymoon? it is dead. value start plotting the day he gets nominated. the voters vote the we made that decision that is my belief you could disagree but he says and every one of reagan's proposals the tax cuts or spending cuts increase of defense spending he promised reagan you will get a vote on everyone by august 1st and he won every time for and gave him a schedule. no games. today you have to fight with the filibuster rule. that is why they began w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1